CSS Regression

Adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD) is critical for a tech company. TDD serves as a strong safety net against bugs caused by code changes. TDD becomes especially important for large code bases that are changed frequently. At the time of this writing, the Trustious code base is around 20,000 commits large, with over 80,000 lines of code, code that changes rapidly. The frequent changes are a natural consequence of the Lean methodology. As a company we firmly believe in Lean and are continuously running Build-Measure-Learn cycles. This requires us to make frequent experimental changes to the user experience which map to frequent changes to the code base (mostly to the front end). With such a rapidly evolving product, writing and maintaining tests that will truly keep us safe, could easily get out of hand.

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Solving Games

Last week at Trustious, Islam gave a Talk about Games! But wait, its NOT your typical card games, board games or even video games. Islam’s talk was about impartial games with perfect information and a win-lose outcome. Self- explanatory right?

Let’s get to know these kinds of games a little bit more. “Perfect information” means all you need to know about how to win is in front of you, there is no chance, no hidden cards or anything of the sort. In “impartial games” the allowed moves for each player are the same and depend only on the current position. Basically what differentiates the 2 players is who goes first. This is what usually determines the winner and the loser, no draws hence the “win-lose outcome”.

Islam (left) playing a variation of Nim with Akram (right).

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The Amazon Incident

This article is a cautionary tale for people using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a testament to the awesome amazon customer support.

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 8:58 AM: The Shock

The day started bright with a light cloud cover and cool refreshing breeze. A rare and lovely day in the blistering summers of Cairo. I was hacking away in the quite morning hours when I noticed that the month’s AWS bill has arrived. I took a look and was rattled to see that it was for over 1800 USD!


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Node.js: JavaScript Beyond the Browser @ Trustious

This week’s Trustious talk was given by Saher El-Neklawy (engineering lead at Trustious) and was about node.js. Here is a summary of the material covered. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your own insights in the comments section. Enjoy!

Saher 4

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Because Working Inside the Office is so Mainstream

We’ve always had this huge balcony outside our office and sometimes went out to enjoy the warm sun in winter with our coffee mugs and soups… (don’t you just miss winter?) :) But we couldn’t stay outside for long because we didn’t have any balcony chairs; and when it came to working, it was a bit difficult coz we had to drag the office chairs outside and they weren’t comfortable without a desk…etc :(

So in April -as part of many efforts to make our office just a little bit more awesome- Yusuf sat down with Salma Osama and sketched out a nice little garden in the balcony. Take a look at those photos to watch the tiny steps of transforming our empty balcony into a little refreshing and relaxing (yes you can be refreshed and relaxed at the same time) work space! IMG_0314

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Celebrating 10 thousand Trustians – or just enjoying Pizza?

They told us we’re going out for pizza at this new place called Crust in Maadi (really cool place by the way) to celebrate the fact that…


It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and several people from the team were calling in sick -blame it on weather changes or excessive working hours, as you wish :P- that we ‘almost’ cancelled the outing. But thank God we didn’t…coz we all needed the change :)

It started with Hadeer being too hungry to talk to us that she decided to play some games on her red-hood ipad.


Meanwhile, Islam was also engrossed in his phone for some reason! Oh those techies…*sigh* 

(the reason turned out to be that he was our “secret ninja” mobile app developer -have you seen our NEW android mobile app?! :D)


And then there was Yahia smiling and laughing like he always does – also secretly very hungry… and Nazly playing with the menu impatiently (come’on people, where’s the PIZZA?!)


And Moustafa being very late thinking that he’ll be able to escape paying and giving us scary looks. No Moustafa we’re not afraid of you!!!


Okay, maybe just a little…


Aaaanndd..we’re finally eating! Pizza, pasta, calzone and salads, not to mention mouth watering desserts!! The food was really awesome and quite creative with the ingredients :) Way to go Crust chefs ;)


Finally, the time comes for that groupie/selfie photo of all of us, with Saher as always setting the self-timer on the camera and sprinnnnnting around the table to get himself into the picture on time! (Some adrenaline rush we get then, every single time) :)


Here’s a little thing or two to know about the team; www.trustious.com/team

Oh, and by the time we posted this, the number of Trustians has reached 11,100… HAH! :D

Trustious at ITWorx

With quite a few successful experiences in growth hacking, our founder Omar Maher was invited to give a session about growth hacking in ITWorx.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.24.54 PM

Omar tried different growth hacking techniques when building and spreading Trustious, and this year started his own initiative Rashahly Ketab, reaching more than 45,000 users in less than 4 months, with a large percentage of this number participating actively on the group.

Attending the training session were 40 people from different functions including product owners, marketers, mobile developers, quality managers & division managers; as well as CEO Wael Amin.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.27.49 PM

Omar explained the different phases of customer engagement and the growth hacking techniques used in each phase. He gave examples of best practices he had studied from tech giants including Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Foursquare and more.

Attendees showed a high level of engagement, especially when Omar showed examples from Trustious GH techniques in different stages; 1. Acquisition: getting people to know about your app, 2. Activation: getting them to “do” a certain action, 3. Retention: encouraging them to keep coming back to the app, and spending more time on it, and lastly 4. Referral: motivate people to invite their friends to use the app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.21.26 PM

An important step in Growth Hacking was also highlighted, and that is A/B testing and analysis. This method helps verify that any new design, or new call to action will actually have a more positive effect than the previous one. It saves you the “trial and error”, by letting you test your new tactic (or same tactic with new design) on a sample of users and comparing the results.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.29.38 PM

In the end he moderated a discussion about suggestions for the infrastructure of Growth Hacking in ITWorx.

Well, all we have to say is that Trustious is proud of Omar Maher :)