Alright so we are just done deploying the new enhancements. The changing guy can now rest in peace! Thank you for bearing with us! In this post we will give you a brief account of some of the new stuff.


Item Page: We enhanced the item page experience with a clear navigation structure, obvious buttons (you no longer have to go through hoops to upload a photo) and a clean overview page.

Related Items: When you are on any item page, you will see a list of related items. For instance, If it is a book you will see books that are often read by people who read this book, books by the same author and the most popular books in that book’s category. If it is a restaurant you will see near by restaurants and so on.

Person Profile: Finally we got around to actually designing the profile page. You can now see your stats and awards and you have a dedicated tab for your opinions!

P.S. Do not take the content of the attached images above seriously. They are only placeholders.