An opinion a day takes your stress away!

No? Yes, of course it does! Here’s why;

Every single day we experience different things; new experiences, exciting experiences, bad products, disappointing services, unexpectedly amazing ones…etc. Now, we all have this urge inside us to share with people the emotions we felt with those experiences, right?

For example:

“Hey bro, you gotta try the Roast Beef with the TBS special sauce I had this morning! Exquisite!”

“I finally bought the new Nokia Lumia, you will not believe how amazing it is, look what it does, look at this feature…”

“I went to this new restaurant in Tagamo3 yesterday, it has everything I’ve ever wanted. Healthy food, salad bar, amazing drinks and nice music! You have got to try it this weekend!”

Sharing these little pieces of information on a daily basis with your friends, family, work mates…etc. releases a lot of your energy and makes you feel connected to others and helpful to them. Sharing your experience, getting feedback and hearing others’ experiences as well makes you feel like you are not alone in this world; which you aren’t!


We at Trustious believe that one should not live alone, or feel good, bad, or stressed alone. We want everyone to share reflections on their daily experiences – DAILY, not giving time for energy to be kept inside or stress to accumulate, and at the same time help some people who might be in need for some advice before making a deicision.

That’s why we came up with this initiative: POST ONE OPINION EACH DAY!

Keep your stress level low and spread your energy among your friends and your fellow Trustians, help a friend in need of advice, by sharing ONE (more if you like) opinion every day. Be it the coffee you grabbed on your way to work, the restaurant you ordered lunch from, the car you drove this morning, the shop you went to on the weekend, the new game you tried online…and the list goes on :)

So Trustian, who’s in for this initiative? You? ;)


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