Because Working Inside the Office is so Mainstream

We’ve always had this huge balcony outside our office and sometimes went out to enjoy the warm sun in winter with our coffee mugs and soups… (don’t you just miss winter?) :) But we couldn’t stay outside for long because we didn’t have any balcony chairs; and when it came to working, it was a bit difficult coz we had to drag the office chairs outside and they weren’t comfortable without a desk…etc :(

So in April -as part of many efforts to make our office just a little bit more awesome- Yusuf sat down with Salma Osama and sketched out a nice little garden in the balcony. Take a look at those photos to watch the tiny steps of transforming our empty balcony into a little refreshing and relaxing (yes you can be refreshed and relaxed at the same time) work space! IMG_0314

Those guys proved that the same hands can code and design on Apple devices AND plant and garden with mud and flowers :D IMG_0318 There’s no photo of Salma :( (we will get it one day!) but apparently she’s a mini expert in plants and suggested some of the flowers and plants to buy, which she and Yusuf set out to buy along with those lovely orange pots! Till now, they both take charge of watering the plants every day with a little help from other teammates every now and then. Thank you guys for your efforts :D <3 IMG_1046 Next came this cool bamboo couch from IKEA after some research and shopping sprees by Saher, Yusuf and Salma Mahmoud (they also got us some awesome stuff for the office that we’ll show you later) ;)

But the Garden team decided to keep us waiting a while before we were able to enjoy working there (as if we didn’t wait long enough..*hmff*) IMG_20140605_172334And then one fine day, we all came to the office to finally find…….White and Bright CUSHIONS!!!!! We were all set to each sneak out for a while and enjoy working in a cool breeze and a pretty site of very colorful flowers. And no, it’s not too sunny to sit there before 1 or even 2 PM :P

Mind you, this is no random order for the balcony. It is arranged so a person can sit and “look” directly at colorful flowers, with a nice “smell” coming from his right side due to the planted mint and basil (ri7an). Hah, this is serious business, we’re not joking around here ;) 2014-05-25 12.41.26-2 Remember this flower from the photo above? It’s growing and growing :’)IMG_1051 Exhibit A: One Trustious employee working in the balcony with her headsets, coffee cup and water bottle (never mind that at the time the photo was taken she was actually checking her phone) :D IMG_1055 Exhibit B: Atef coming out to the balcony to steal the spotlights from his fellow Trustious employee. *to2 to2*…Not cool Atef, not cool! IMG_1041 Yes, we know our office is too cool and you can’t even compete, but please do try something like that. It didn’t cost that much and now we have a happy place to go out and work in as a change from the walls and desks of the office. You should try doing something similar for your team. Good luck :D

Long live Trustious!

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