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دلوقتي عندك فرصة إنك بمجهود بسيط تساعد الناس اللي حوليك بتجربتك و كمان تساعد حد فقير انه يبدأ مشروع صغير  يعيش منه حياة كريمة. اتفرج علي فيديو قصير بيشرح الفكرة هنا

الفكرة ببساطة انك تدخل على تعمل account و بعدين تعمل review للحاجات الي بتستعملها كل يوم زي تليفونك او الكمبيوتر بتاعك، الكتب الي بتقرأها، المطاعم الي بتاكل فيها، المدارس ال اولادك فيها و هكذا فالناس تستفيد و يعرفوا ايه الحاجات الكويسه و الحاجات الي نص لبه، و كل ما كان الـreview ده مفيد للناس اكتر trustious هيطلعوا فلوس اكتر يدوها لبنك الفقراء علشان يساعدوا بيها اسر فقيره بقروض يعملوا بيها مشروعات صغيرة حاجة كده زي بنك الفقراء ال عمله محمد يونس في بنجلاديش.

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Good morning everyone! It is time again for the CHANGING GUY! :D Today we will be deploying several enhancements to Trustious mostly inspired by our community’s feedback. The application wil be down in a few minutes and will remain so until about 4:00 pm today. In the mean time, we will be posting about the new stuff exclusively on the Alphas Group! :) Ah and you must have guessed that the title stands for Deployment Day and not that other D-Day. Anyway, have a great day! :)


Trustious 4th Contest: It’s almost here!

It’s that time again when we launch a rocking contest for the great reviewers of Cairo!

What, When, and Where?

  • The What A contest for great reviewers of almost anything in Cairo! Be it electronics, cars, books, restaurants, foods and drinks, video games, or even fitness gyms! Teams of five will have the chance to race to make quality opinions! Opinions made during the contest will be judged and given a score. Team scores will be ranked, and the top 3 team win!
  • The When Saturday December 8th, 2012, at 12:30PM
  • The Where Trustious HQ. 5, Street 50, Tagamoa Khames (Google Maps)

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The Trustious Experience: Highlights

When you log into Trustious, you will be greeted by a set of, what we call, Highlights. These are products and places that match your interests and preferences selected just for you! We all want to find the good stuff out there, right? Well, now the good stuff finds you!

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