“Don’t vote”, said no one ever!

If you are already a Trustian or have heard or read about Trustious, then you must already know; Trustious’s content is created by people – and for people of course – but mainly, BY people. This makes the content sometimes awesome, sometimes less so. And for us to give the ultimate benefit to our Trustians, and for you to come back and check us out again, we need to make sure you get to see the more awesome opinions all the time.

Helpful 2

In order to do that, we need your help in VOTING for the opinions you see as HELPFUL to you. They don’t have to agree with your opinion, and they don’t have to be positive opinions about the item (i.e. “Sarah Loved Costa”); they just have to be HELPFUL, useful, telling you what you need to know about the item. The more you vote; the smarter, cleaner and more helpful our system gets!

In very simple words: Which would you prefer? To open the app to find rated items with EMPTY opinions or one-liners? OR to find rich, juicy opinions that tell you exactly what you need to know about the item in question? Pretty sure we know the answer to that ;)

In even simpler words: what does the small “Helpful” button do?

  1. Promotes great opinions: helps you find the most helpful opinions right away by showing them on the top of the item page.
  2. Promotes great people: helps you know which people are more helpful in which categories and thus which people to trust.

But remember Trustians;

  • It doesn’t do anyone any good if you vote an opinion Helpful just because it was written by your friend, does it? :)
  • Being the proactive awesome people that you are, you sure wouldn’t just read opinions and leave, would you? :)

Please VOTE “Helpful” – when it actually is!