Giving the Minions a Better View

Saying goodbye to April, a stressful and fairly successful month, we had our regular recreation time on the 30th, early in the day, to make sure everyone’s energy level is still high, then added a little twist to our game.


The story goes as follows… Our minions were having a little trouble seeing the world properly, they needed a better view. So we decided it was time to build them a high tower to stand on! And like all great teams, we split ourselves into two and added a little competition sense so everyone could bring out their best and build awesome towers for the minions to stand on and watch.


The teams had 15 minutes to finish their tower, they should be as long as possible but also strong enough to carry the minions. No one likes to stand at the top of a tower and then fall on their faces, specially not our dear minions!



Then we added a different obstacle every three minutes to keep things heated up and motivate everyone. After all everybody likes a good challenge, right?

They were quite simple really, once they had to use ONE HAND to operate – their weak hand, another they couldn’t talk to each other at all, yet another time we took all helping tools from them; glue, stapler and everything… simple things like that, no big deal.

ss_DSC01648   ss_DSC01652

The last challenge was to let each one in the team work on his own for 30 seconds and then switch! Well, they vividly showed how much they can’t work without each other! Such team spirit :D



We loved the team spirit on each side and they both came up with completely different tower shapes, both very flimsy really, despite the simplicity of the challenges!! *sigh*


On the judge’s whistle, Team ‘1’ had his tower tipping and falling before even putting the minion on it, they were devastated. They only had the base standing, so they put their minion there.

Team ‘2’ had a much bigger chance of winning IF their minion could stand steady on their tower…


BUT we all know how ironic life is, and most things turn around when we least expect them to. So, after several long minutes of Team ‘2’ trying to allocate their minion strategically on the tower so it wouldn’t fall……….. well, it fell. Completely. Smashed down to the ground. Poor Team ‘2’!



……aaaand Team ‘1’ won, with their minion standing tall (short) on the base of their tower, complete with his banana in hand and happy as ever! 


Congratulations Team ‘1’, we are very proud of you, you did not at all win by chance, totally earned it :D

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  1. That’s really amazing, Great idea & awesome team spirit :)
    Congratulations Team 1, better luck next time Team 2! :D

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