Hello’s and Goodbye’s

While Hadeer‘s plane was landing in Cairo – back from a vacation in ITALIA, a WELCOME BACK poster was being made especially for her by our artists Mariam and Nadaphoto 2

…and while she shook off European dust (as if they have dust there) and put on her Trustious magic cape, the team wrote her mini hello’s on the board to surprise her when she came into the office Wink

photo 3

We hope you had FUN Hadeer Cool



And while Hadeer was coming back from a two-week vacation, someone was ending his internship at Trustious and packing his bags for a semester in Germany.

Screenshot-Untitled Window-6

Mina managed – against all odds – to make Trustious’s Search faster – much faster! How? Well…that’s only for him to know! (stay tuned for lightning speed search very soon) Wink


Cupcakes, t-shirts and posters aren’t enough to tell you how much you mean to us Mina!


We wish you the BEST OF LUCK Smile and we WILL MISS YOU Frown