Know the Stars, Be One of them!

Have you heard of the Trustious Stars team? Now it’s time to introduce you to each one of the Stars. Are you ready? ;)

You can skip to the end if you want to know How To Be a Star!

Our first Star is Nour Naguib, the restaurant expert. Following are Yousef Zohdy and Ghada Essawy, the biggest readers on Trustious. And finally Pierre Iskandar, the big gamer! Click on any of the Stars names to know more about them, or just scroll down ;)

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The Restaurant Expert

  • This is a very special Star who’s been with us since day one, never letting Trustious miss her. Even when she went abroad, she was filling our stream with review after review of restaurants and food items of all kinds. Any time you open Trustious, you will see Nour Naguib’s name shining on the home page, whether adding a new review or getting a vote for an old one. 

There is nearly no restaurant or café in Cairo that Nour hasn’t been to. And if she’s been there, then you’ll find a review about it; it’s that simple :) But she doesn’t stop at that, Nour amazes us with a very helpful book review every now and then. She’s just always there for Trustious, and that’s why we love her :)

Nour’s profile:

The Reading Guru

  • He is another Star who was one of the very first people to have an account on Trustious; though he wasn’t just a user of the application. He had helped the founding team with financial projections when they were first building the company. And till this day, Yousef Zohdy comes to us with feedback of all kind. We don’t know what we’d do without his heads ups :) 

Yousef keeps on sharing with us reviews on the books he has read – and they are a lot – ranging from Arabic novels, to English ones to religion to nonfiction reads. He just keeps coming back with more and more books all the time :) However, if you open his profile you wouldn’t just find book reviews, you’d find cars, games, shops and restaurants as well. And that’s why he is a Star :) 

Yousef’s profile:

The Book Addict

  • This Star could easily be given the title “Most Loyal Trustian”, we really consider her family. She’s there in every event Trustious holds, every contest, every initiative; and is the first one to like our posts on Facebook :)) She’s also been inviting many people to Trustious who turn out to be as active as she is, and she wrote a note on her Facebook account about Trustious’s campaign “Ra2yak Byefre2”! It’s safe to say that Ghada Essawy really is our Most Loyal Trustian!! 

She is another book addict that never fails to write FULL brilliant reviews on the books she reads. She has a special interest in religious and spiritual books, and light Arabic reads as well. But of course, Stars never limit themselves to one category; Ghada has many reviews in food items, restaurants, and shops. And that’s why we love her :)

Ghada’s profile:

The Big Gamer

  • This Star is a game expert who pours his heart and soul into each of his reviews; it’s like he created the games himself :D But this is not the only reason he is a Star, Pierre Iskandar was another early Trustian who amazed his with a whole blog post about us, telling to his followers who we are and what we do, and taking them on a tour too! It’s people like him that make us feel like we’re really making a difference.

Another thing that we love about Pierre is that he has set the bar high for himself and has almost never written a review that is less than AWESOME, even the book and restaurant reviews! We are really proud to have you with us Pierre :)

Pierre’s profile:

Those Stars are not stars just because they post reviews on Trustious. They are Stars because they want to make a difference in other people’s lives and help them make better choices by sharing their knowledge with them regularly and in great detail. We are truly proud to have them.


And now that you know the Stars, Here’s how YOU can be a STAR too ;)

  • Post an average of 20 reviews per month, OR
  • Post just 3 awesome reviews per month. What is an awesome review?
  • Your reviews should be an average of 60 words, and the awesome ones should an average of 200 words.

We’re waiting for your inner Star to shine ;)