For the Love of Users

We at Trustious have an unspoken motto; Users are the heart and soul of what we do. The very purpose of the app is to make people’s lives easier and their shopping decisions faster and more successful. But more importantly, and in order to fulfill this purpose, we need them to feel at ease with the app itself; we don’t want the Trustious experience to be a burden, or a “necessary evil” :) Which is why we are keen on meeting as many people as we can – whether current users of the app or people who have never laid eyes on it – to get their feedback on their experience with Trustious. This is where her role comes, our brilliant User Experience Engineer; Eman El Koshairy.


Among a bunch of other things she does, Eman meets with current or potential users of Trustious in what we call ‘User Meetings’, in order to get their feedback on the app. How does this meeting go? We’ll let Eman her tell you herself.

“In a one-hour session I get a chance to take our users on a tour around the app and ask him/her to try out different scenarios and observe how they find the experience. Sometimes I ask them questions to get more insights on how they feel dealing with different pages on Trustious”, says Eman.


“Sometimes I also show them some of the in-progress features we’re working on before they are live on the app, and get their feedback on them as well”, Eman adds. “You can’t imagine how much this helps us fine tune our features and designs to be able to give people the most enjoyable experience we can”.

To everyone who has visited Trustious since the day we started, and given us feedback in user meetings or even by email or on Facebook. We want to THANK YOU… Thank you for making Trustious Awesome!


As for the colorful notes on the board, those are little encouraging messages our users write for us before they leave. They mean the world to us :) (by the way, those are just a fraction of the number of users we’ve met since we started, we just started the note collection a little late).

Our work is a never ending process, and we want to meet a thousand and one people before we are able to say “This is Perfect”. So are you willing to come on board and help us make a better Trustious? We would love to meet with you :)

If so, please fill in this form and we’ll contact you for a meeting.

Giving the Minions a Better View

Saying goodbye to April, a stressful and fairly successful month, we had our regular recreation time on the 30th, early in the day, to make sure everyone’s energy level is still high, then added a little twist to our game.


The story goes as follows… Our minions were having a little trouble seeing the world properly, they needed a better view. So we decided it was time to build them a high tower to stand on! And like all great teams, we split ourselves into two and added a little competition sense so everyone could bring out their best and build awesome towers for the minions to stand on and watch.


The teams had 15 minutes to finish their tower, they should be as long as possible but also strong enough to carry the minions. No one likes to stand at the top of a tower and then fall on their faces, specially not our dear minions!



Then we added a different obstacle every three minutes to keep things heated up and motivate everyone. After all everybody likes a good challenge, right?

They were quite simple really, once they had to use ONE HAND to operate – their weak hand, another they couldn’t talk to each other at all, yet another time we took all helping tools from them; glue, stapler and everything… simple things like that, no big deal.

ss_DSC01648   ss_DSC01652

The last challenge was to let each one in the team work on his own for 30 seconds and then switch! Well, they vividly showed how much they can’t work without each other! Such team spirit :D



We loved the team spirit on each side and they both came up with completely different tower shapes, both very flimsy really, despite the simplicity of the challenges!! *sigh*


On the judge’s whistle, Team ‘1’ had his tower tipping and falling before even putting the minion on it, they were devastated. They only had the base standing, so they put their minion there.

Team ‘2’ had a much bigger chance of winning IF their minion could stand steady on their tower…


BUT we all know how ironic life is, and most things turn around when we least expect them to. So, after several long minutes of Team ‘2’ trying to allocate their minion strategically on the tower so it wouldn’t fall……….. well, it fell. Completely. Smashed down to the ground. Poor Team ‘2’!



……aaaand Team ‘1’ won, with their minion standing tall (short) on the base of their tower, complete with his banana in hand and happy as ever! 


Congratulations Team ‘1’, we are very proud of you, you did not at all win by chance, totally earned it :D

Chocolate Fondue à la Trustious HQ ;)

You see this slowly melting chocolate in the green-rimmed pot on this brand new hot plate? Nope, that’s not Little Swiss, it’s not The Fondue Pot…. it’s our own – humble, cozy, and full of food inventions – KITCHEN! YES! We made our own chocolate fondue today and it was exquisite!

Chocolate Fondue à la Trustious HQ: first cooking

Saher, our food expert, treated us to different kinds of chocolate for experimenting and we gathered around for marshmallows and strawberries dipped in dark boiling hot chocolate fondue…yummm!

Chocolate Fondue à la Trustious HQ: end result

Getting ready for the chocolate suicide dip, all set with sweet marshmallows and sourish strawberries. (Next time, we’ll add Kiwi and Bananas) :D

Chocolate Fondue à la Trustious HQ: first dip

Salma’s expression after coming up with “The Perfect Bite”. (Salma is a chocolate fanatic, don’t tell her we told you that) ;)

Chocolate Fondue à la Trustious HQ: perfect bite

And finally, THE Perfect Bite… And perfect it indeed was! Hmmmm…*sigh*… just one of those happy days at Trustious :)))

Building Healthy Minds: Parenting sessions in Trustious HQ

Trustious had the pleasure of hosting throughout last February a workshop titled “Building Healthy Minds”, given by education expert and internationally recognized IB consultant, Mrs. Nevine El Souefy.

photo 2 (2)

Given over four weekly sessions, the workshops were attended by mostly mothers, a few dads, and to our delight, two engaged girls as well. They believed these thing better be learned early on!

The four sessions discussed the following;

  • The bases of adult/child interaction
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Discovering the world through play
  • Emotional  abstract thinking
Because we care for impact more than anything, we asked the attendees to write their feedback about the sessions, and here are some of the testimonials we got;

“Dr Niveen was very knowledgeable and experienced about the material, she was very generous with her ideas and very patient and accepting to our need to share stories..yet always keeping us focused and to the point. All in all it was a very useful course with very fruitful results that i can already feel in the way i deal with my kids”, Nehal El Koshairy.

photo 1 (2)

“The group was very nice and the place is comfortable and look like home. Dr. Nevine of course is a wonderful person who gives ppl as much as she can”, Radwa Fattouh.

“Ms. Nevine was really professional and she had very effective and practical answers for our concerns and questions. She also accepted our suggestions, and then she built on what we mentioned”, Eman Onsy.

“The course was very successful and fruitful starting from the place, it was a good choice as it is considerably near to most of the attendants and in a quiet place that helped us to focus. Ms Nevine is very knowledgeable and full of experience and i really liked the point of sharing with us some of her family and kids situations that helped us reflect on ours and on the course itself”, Heba Soliman.

Of course there were a few comments here and there which we will make sure to make better in the coming sessions :)

We also received some lovely notes for Trustious. Thanks to everyone who posted on our board!

“Thank you Trustious. Your motives, ideas, activities, and sessions are making the best of us. Keep up your pro-activity”, Amena Nasser.

“It was a wonderful course, Thanks Trustious. Keep mums in your plans, they need your support always”, (we’re not sure) :)

“Thanks for giving us the chance to have this fruitful session”, Mayan Samy.

We at Trustious love taking part in the development and enhancing of parents’ experience with raising their children, looking for the right education and more…

We’ll be hosting hosting similar events on a regular basis, if you’re interested please follow us on Facebook.

Don’t forget to visit Trustious’ Education section for reviews on schools, nurseries and camps for kids.

Mother’s Day Gift: Go Beyond the Ordinary!

MOTHER, mother-in-law, mother of your children… It’s a tough day for some men this lovely 21st of March Mother’s Day. But rest assured, it should all be worthwhile when you see the smiles, surprises and gratitude of the women in your lives. (Surely not the same is said about your mother-in-law, but let’s keep it diplomatic here!) And ladies, you’re not escaping this either. Your mum AND mum-in-law will be waiting to see some nice gestures from you!

So… Skipping the flowers, chocolates, bags, shoes, watches and scarves, we’ll take you right to the heavy duty stuff! Some of which are “practical”, and others are nice for home accessorizing and she’ll also be very delighted with.

Let’s take a tour on some of Egypt’s best Home Accessories, Lighting and Kitchen Ware shops, along with snippets of reviews by people on Trustious!


the cribkarejar249265_220077814686438_5021639_npanorama_rd-lifestyleGot-All-you-Need

El Ebiary. “They have everything that concerns or is even remotely connected to kitchens & some bathroom accessories as well”, Danya Hammad.

Home Center. “Home Center is best at accessories and small details you’d add to your home that could make a difference”, Maiia Rasmi.

IKEA. “if you are looking for any and i mean any accessories for your home, this is a perfect place to find it“, Mohab Aloush.

Complete Kitchen Collection

Electro House. “The diversity is great, the quality is very nice and the prices are very reasonable”, Amena Nasser.

Helco Metals. “The designs are variable, some modern very sleek and chique and some classic, very vintage sort of”, Danya Hammad.

Star House. “U’ll enjoy visiting Star House, it’s a nice large store selling average to high quality home products at good prices, & their customer service is v.good”, Sandra El Dera.

Zahran. “Zahran really is the best place to go when buying cooking equipment simply because they have literally everything”, Nariman Lotfi.

Hisar. “They have some unique products for tea and coffee, remember, the Turks are coffee and tea fanatics. And they do have silicon bake-ware which are really useful and fun”, Sherif Tharwat.

Cool ‘n’ Trendy

Kalla. “Some things are just super cute. They are creative and like to mix matching colors which gives the place a really lively atmosphere”, Nour Naguib.

Kare. “if you’re looking for some nice little supplements to refresh your home’s look and feel, then you might like something”, Muhammed Atef.

Reflection. “Reflection is the kind of store that makes you feel like you’re visiting a mini museum, I stopped in to get special lights gift for a friend”, Ghada Essawy.

The Crib. “Very unique modern home accessories that you can’t find anywhere else. They have those statement pieces that are just what you need for your room”, Mariem Fayed.

Homey ‘n’ Lovely

Jar. “It’s perfect place to add a little green to your home .. the cutest and most innovative home decor store specialized in vases and flowers”, Ghada Essawy.

Lightology. “They do have some special pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere with very reasonable prices”, Nivin Ashraf.

Tulipe. “Want a present for a newly wed bride? Go to tulip. Want to have a fancy plate set? Go to tulip. Mothers’ day? Go to tulip!”, MennatAllah Ghoneim.

Lavish ‘n’ Luxurious

Crystal Asfour. “They had a wide range of collection/styles… They do sell jewellery as well and actually have a nice/interesting collection.”, Mahitab Sayed.

Royal Doulton. “An amazing place for elegant home accessories and a great place to make a shower list”, Eman El Koshairy.

Tiffany. “They have a HUGE variety of indoor and outdoor lighting, modern and classic. Their designs are really AWESOME. They are simple and chic”, Salma Mahmoud.

Want to go beyond the gift?

Leave the kids at home and indulge your wife to a romantic dinner or lunch, check out our list of couples’ getaways; recommended by an expert reviewer on Trustious.

Or take a look at those kid-friendly restaurants and cafes and have a nice family outing with the children and grandparents and all.

Don’t forget to coat it all with love!

Image sources in order: IKEA, Electro House, The Crib, Kare, Jar, Reflection, Royal Doulton.

Brought to you by Trustious.

Mezza, Kebbah and Fattoush…a la Cairo!

IT’S NO SECRET! The Lebanese has been invading Cairo for a while now and we are loving it! The number of restaurants and cafes serving Lebanese food -not to mention the actual Lebanese chains- has doubled in the last few years and we can’t get enough of them! They are Cairo’s new subtle attractions. Let’s take a tour around them…


taboula 4


Tamara. Who isn’t in love with this place? You admire the rich atmosphere, and then come one delicious dish after the other and you’re instantly hooked! They’ve somehow managed to build three levels within one single floor in City Stars, and decorated it in such a way that it looks sophisticated and elegant, yet warm and cozy. With old Lebanese and Egyptian music playing in the background, you can enjoy Chicken Fettah, Maqaneq (sausage), Shawerma and much more of Tamara’s exquisite menu.

Taboula. What can you say? Old really is Gold. This place has been open for years and it hasn’t lost its charm till now, people love it. With its dim lit interior, vintage furniture, accessories and wall paintings, and Fayrouz playing in your ears, you feel like you’ve time traveled to the past. In this comfy atmosphere, you can try their to-die-for rosemary chicken liver, as well as their eggplant fettah and cheese konafa, you won’t regret it! Their “taboula” is also very delicious but then, duh! :)

Ayadina. A recently opened tough competitor to the previous two, it has impressed us all with its bold, stylish interior design – a modern twist of arabesque – even before its official opening. Their grills are awesome; their kofta, Arayes sogo2 and Hommos among other things are must-tries. Basically people love everything about Ayadina, but they’ve also all mentioned that their prices are a little chili, so try to go with a full pocket ;)

Zeitouna. It offers a large variety of Lebanese delights served with creativity that makes you eager to dig in. The place is spacious and elegant, the fine-dining type of restaurant, located in the ground floor of Nile City Towers. They are huge fans of Fayrouz, who is always playing in the background :)

Cedars. Another one that’s been around for years, with some loyal fans. Its interior is comfortable and elegant, although with a different theme in each branch; and the open air terrace overlooking Tivoli Dome is beautiful. Their Mezza choices and Safiha are said to be delicious, and a specialty called “Shish Barak”. Cedars also serves a variety of non-Lebanese plates including molokheya, and pizza!

Leila. Now this has come right from the heart of Lebanon! Overlooking the dancing fountains in Mall of Arabia, a place called Leila prides itself in a chic, homey atmosphere and relaxing music. It serves authentic, delicious mezzat and desserts, with a few twists here and there; as well as nice main dishes.

You might also like these places; some are known for their spectacular view, some for their budget-friendly menus, while some are not “strictly” Lebanese. Always best to read the reviews first ;)


Been to any of those places? 

Share your review on Trustious!

Furnish your house like a Pro!

Tips and tricks from someone who’s been there and done that.

As the Arab saying goes, “Ask the experienced rather than the learned”. Well, guess what? We happen to know someone who combines both learning and experience, and we did the asking for you as well!

Introducing Nivin Ashraf; a furniture and product designer, and a wife who has accurately picked each piece herself, for every corner of her home. We asked her for general furniture advice to give to girls going through the process of furnishing their homes, and here are some tips she gave;

Where to start

  • Always start looking for a dining room first. If you decide on a customized one, it is going to take the most out of all the furniture to get manufactured, especially if it’s classic.

Colors and Identity


  • Generally, try not to have an all-modern home; it screams “No Identity”. Add your personal touch around the house through stylish statement pieces. There should be at least ONE attractive piece of furniture in every room! It could be the bed in your bedroom, an iconic arm chair in the living room, a unique coffee table, or even dining chairs.
  • If you like colors, that’s cool; but be sure your house doesn’t end up looking like a rainbow or a child’s room. Express your love for colors in home accessories, cushions, or paintings. But stick to solid colors in the main furniture pieces like sofas. Think of it as a fun way to change colors every two years or so; replace the purple cushions with blue or orange ones for example. It wouldn’t be that easy if the sofa itself was red to begin with :)

Keep your eyes open ladies

  • Never buy from a furniture shop that you’ve never heard of, always always ask someone who has tried it before. Editor’s note: Always consult the reviews on Trustious ;)
  • For sofas, especially in living room; never buy the super soft kind, go for hard or medium because they do soften in a while. If you buy them soft to begin with, they flatten into a very thin no-support sheet.


  • For the Seat cushions, ask what material is used on the inside. A big NO to the “all-fiber” ones. The alternative would be foam (safeng) or a mixture of both. You can have full fiber in the throw cushions where you don’t apply much pressure.
  • When you hear the word MDF, be very alert. Try to avoid it in the main furniture pieces. Here’s why; MDF is processed wood made up of all leftover wood particles glued together. It gives you a very strong wooden board that’s super heavy! But, since it’s made of tiny particles; when you add knobs or drawer rails, the movement and pulling in and out will end up causing the nails to move around inside the wood and these glued particles to fall apart, leaving you with a big -unfixable- hole! It’s fine for flat surfaces like table tops, or in the kitchen but in parts where there are no attached knobs.

Shop-specific advice:

  • If you want durable furniture pieces like the ones in your parents’ house that lived as long as you; do not look for those in IKEA. They do have amazing accessories and lighting pieces but the actual furniture you can buy for your summer house or the kids’ room (which you’ll change in a few years anyway), not for your everyday use.
  • Did you know that Oriental Weavers can customize any rug you want, literally ANY design you can think of, any print, any color, any design, and all for the same cost?

Now, we know for a fact that Nivin has a unique taste in things, so we asked her about the shops she thinks are nice, distinctive and not “mainstream”. Here are her favorites;

Classic furniture: Fayek, Fayek Maison de Charme, SM Gallery and Omar (Zamalek)

Modern furniture: Eklego, Karavan Serai, Mit Rehan, &Cairo

Lighting: Lightology, Reflection, Rashdan Light shop, Spiridon & Maha El Ghabrawy (sold at Eklego).

Fabrics: Damask, Texmar, Moderna Kabbani, Omash, Tanis

Nivin says that shops for Home Accessories and Lighting are endless and it’s okay to buy from any shop anywhere as long as the pieces look good and intact and you like them. However, be patient with buying because the variety is huge and the prices as well. You don’t want to buy a piece and then find another one that you like more and is much cheaper!

Her final words are; do listen to your mum’s advice, she’s probably right about most things! But do think about and love every piece you buy, because you will live with it…probably forever!

Brought to you by Trustious.

Images are taken off Pinterest and are the editor’s choice