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Trustious at ITWorx

With quite a few successful experiences in growth hacking, our founder Omar Maher was invited to give a session about growth hacking in ITWorx.

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Omar tried different growth hacking techniques when building and spreading Trustious, and this year started his own initiative Rashahly Ketab, reaching more than 45,000 users in less than 4 months, with a large percentage of this number participating actively on the group.

Attending the training session were 40 people from different functions including product owners, marketers, mobile developers, quality managers & division managers; as well as CEO Wael Amin.

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Omar explained the different phases of customer engagement and the growth hacking techniques used in each phase. He gave examples of best practices he had studied from tech giants including Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Foursquare and more.

Attendees showed a high level of engagement, especially when Omar showed examples from Trustious GH techniques in different stages; 1. Acquisition: getting people to know about your app, 2. Activation: getting them to “do” a certain action, 3. Retention: encouraging them to keep coming back to the app, and spending more time on it, and lastly 4. Referral: motivate people to invite their friends to use the app.

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An important step in Growth Hacking was also highlighted, and that is A/B testing and analysis. This method helps verify that any new design, or new call to action will actually have a more positive effect than the previous one. It saves you the “trial and error”, by letting you test your new tactic (or same tactic with new design) on a sample of users and comparing the results.

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In the end he moderated a discussion about suggestions for the infrastructure of Growth Hacking in ITWorx.

Well, all we have to say is that Trustious is proud of Omar Maher :)