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Mezza, Kebbah and Fattoush…a la Cairo!

IT’S NO SECRET! The Lebanese has been invading Cairo for a while now and we are loving it! The number of restaurants and cafes serving Lebanese food -not to mention the actual Lebanese chains- has doubled in the last few years and we can’t get enough of them! They are Cairo’s new subtle attractions. Let’s take a tour around them…


taboula 4


Tamara. Who isn’t in love with this place? You admire the rich atmosphere, and then come one delicious dish after the other and you’re instantly hooked! They’ve somehow managed to build three levels within one single floor in City Stars, and decorated it in such a way that it looks sophisticated and elegant, yet warm and cozy. With old Lebanese and Egyptian music playing in the background, you can enjoy Chicken Fettah, Maqaneq (sausage), Shawerma and much more of Tamara’s exquisite menu.

Taboula. What can you say? Old really is Gold. This place has been open for years and it hasn’t lost its charm till now, people love it. With its dim lit interior, vintage furniture, accessories and wall paintings, and Fayrouz playing in your ears, you feel like you’ve time traveled to the past. In this comfy atmosphere, you can try their to-die-for rosemary chicken liver, as well as their eggplant fettah and cheese konafa, you won’t regret it! Their “taboula” is also very delicious but then, duh! :)

Ayadina. A recently opened tough competitor to the previous two, it has impressed us all with its bold, stylish interior design – a modern twist of arabesque – even before its official opening. Their grills are awesome; their kofta, Arayes sogo2 and Hommos among other things are must-tries. Basically people love everything about Ayadina, but they’ve also all mentioned that their prices are a little chili, so try to go with a full pocket ;)

Zeitouna. It offers a large variety of Lebanese delights served with creativity that makes you eager to dig in. The place is spacious and elegant, the fine-dining type of restaurant, located in the ground floor of Nile City Towers. They are huge fans of Fayrouz, who is always playing in the background :)

Cedars. Another one that’s been around for years, with some loyal fans. Its interior is comfortable and elegant, although with a different theme in each branch; and the open air terrace overlooking Tivoli Dome is beautiful. Their Mezza choices and Safiha are said to be delicious, and a specialty called “Shish Barak”. Cedars also serves a variety of non-Lebanese plates including molokheya, and pizza!

Leila. Now this has come right from the heart of Lebanon! Overlooking the dancing fountains in Mall of Arabia, a place called Leila prides itself in a chic, homey atmosphere and relaxing music. It serves authentic, delicious mezzat and desserts, with a few twists here and there; as well as nice main dishes.

You might also like these places; some are known for their spectacular view, some for their budget-friendly menus, while some are not “strictly” Lebanese. Always best to read the reviews first ;)


Been to any of those places? 

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Where to take your partner on a special occasion: An expert’s recommendations!

Psyched about your partner’s birthday and want to take them to a new place? Maybe your anniversary is coming up and you’re planning something special? We’ve got some answers for you!

Here are some nice spots you can take your loved one to, recommended by Nour Naguib; one of Trustious’s Stars who has written over 250 restaurant and food reviews, receiving endless Helpful votes by other Trustians. We basically consider her an expert on restaurants!

If you’re early risers and have a plan for the whole day, you can start with a refreshing breakfast at Tempo in 6th of October. Overlooking a huge golf court at Allegria, it provides a small indoor and huge outdoor seating area with excellent food, friendly staff and of course, amazing view.

For lunch, and could also serve as a breakfast place;

There’s Paul in Downtown, New Cairo. It has a classic French style to it and a real French cuisine with high quality food. The staff is friendly, and it’s a little expensive. However, you’ll find the whole experience is very pleasant and worth your money.

panorama_1352808425 (1)

Then there’s Left Bank in Zamalek right next to Sequoia. It’s surrounded by full-length glass windows overlooking the Nile, so it gives a shiny open air feeling, minus the too hot or too cold weather. The interior is nice and the food is great as well.

Now let’s come to the more luxurious, cozy and private ones, where you can dine and relax;

Little Swiss in Maadi is perfect for a romantic getaway. There’s a warm feeling there, like you’re sitting in a small farm – thanks to the cow theme all over the place :) but the experience is nice and though the place is small you can still have some privacy. The owner runs the place herself and is extremely welcoming. The food is awesome, you grill the meat yourself and the cheese and chocolate fondue is amazing. It’s also cheaper than “The Fondue Pot”.

…which brings us to The Fondue Pot! It’s quite the same as Little Swiss, but the ambiance is very elegant and it’s more expensive. However the service is very good and the food is of very high quality. This one’s in Heliopolis, off Nozha street.

Then comes one of Nour’s favorite restaurants; Blackstone Bistro! The place is simply high on everything; service, food quality, cuisine diversity, atmosphere elegancy; everything! It has a branch in Maadi and one in Zamalek and it is said to be a must-try by several food experts on Trustious.

panorama_simple_img_5 (1)

For Italian food lovers there’s Rocca Razzo (photo above) in New Cairo, where the food is good, the place is elegant yet comfortable, and you can also get some privacy.

And lastly, Filini in Radisson Blu Hotel in Heliopolis. Quoting Nour; it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in town, although it doesn’t seem to get much notice. She says the place is also very elegant and the staff is friendly. Be sure to give it a visit!

Nour also recommends these places for regular couple-y outings;

We hope you enjoy your time, and waiting for your reviews afterwards ;)

Sending out a special thanks to our star Nour Naguib for her recommendations. We love you Nour!

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