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Building Healthy Minds: Parenting sessions in Trustious HQ

Trustious had the pleasure of hosting throughout last February a workshop titled “Building Healthy Minds”, given by education expert and internationally recognized IB consultant, Mrs. Nevine El Souefy.

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Given over four weekly sessions, the workshops were attended by mostly mothers, a few dads, and to our delight, two engaged girls as well. They believed these thing better be learned early on!

The four sessions discussed the following;

  • The bases of adult/child interaction
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Discovering the world through play
  • Emotional  abstract thinking
Because we care for impact more than anything, we asked the attendees to write their feedback about the sessions, and here are some of the testimonials we got;

“Dr Niveen was very knowledgeable and experienced about the material, she was very generous with her ideas and very patient and accepting to our need to share stories..yet always keeping us focused and to the point. All in all it was a very useful course with very fruitful results that i can already feel in the way i deal with my kids”, Nehal El Koshairy.

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“The group was very nice and the place is comfortable and look like home. Dr. Nevine of course is a wonderful person who gives ppl as much as she can”, Radwa Fattouh.

“Ms. Nevine was really professional and she had very effective and practical answers for our concerns and questions. She also accepted our suggestions, and then she built on what we mentioned”, Eman Onsy.

“The course was very successful and fruitful starting from the place, it was a good choice as it is considerably near to most of the attendants and in a quiet place that helped us to focus. Ms Nevine is very knowledgeable and full of experience and i really liked the point of sharing with us some of her family and kids situations that helped us reflect on ours and on the course itself”, Heba Soliman.

Of course there were a few comments here and there which we will make sure to make better in the coming sessions :)

We also received some lovely notes for Trustious. Thanks to everyone who posted on our board!

“Thank you Trustious. Your motives, ideas, activities, and sessions are making the best of us. Keep up your pro-activity”, Amena Nasser.

“It was a wonderful course, Thanks Trustious. Keep mums in your plans, they need your support always”, (we’re not sure) :)

“Thanks for giving us the chance to have this fruitful session”, Mayan Samy.

We at Trustious love taking part in the development and enhancing of parents’ experience with raising their children, looking for the right education and more…

We’ll be hosting hosting similar events on a regular basis, if you’re interested please follow us on Facebook.

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