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Mother’s Day Gift: Go Beyond the Ordinary!

MOTHER, mother-in-law, mother of your children… It’s a tough day for some men this lovely 21st of March Mother’s Day. But rest assured, it should all be worthwhile when you see the smiles, surprises and gratitude of the women in your lives. (Surely not the same is said about your mother-in-law, but let’s keep it diplomatic here!) And ladies, you’re not escaping this either. Your mum AND mum-in-law will be waiting to see some nice gestures from you!

So… Skipping the flowers, chocolates, bags, shoes, watches and scarves, we’ll take you right to the heavy duty stuff! Some of which are “practical”, and others are nice for home accessorizing and she’ll also be very delighted with.

Let’s take a tour on some of Egypt’s best Home Accessories, Lighting and Kitchen Ware shops, along with snippets of reviews by people on Trustious!


the cribkarejar249265_220077814686438_5021639_npanorama_rd-lifestyleGot-All-you-Need

El Ebiary. “They have everything that concerns or is even remotely connected to kitchens & some bathroom accessories as well”, Danya Hammad.

Home Center. “Home Center is best at accessories and small details you’d add to your home that could make a difference”, Maiia Rasmi.

IKEA. “if you are looking for any and i mean any accessories for your home, this is a perfect place to find it“, Mohab Aloush.

Complete Kitchen Collection

Electro House. “The diversity is great, the quality is very nice and the prices are very reasonable”, Amena Nasser.

Helco Metals. “The designs are variable, some modern very sleek and chique and some classic, very vintage sort of”, Danya Hammad.

Star House. “U’ll enjoy visiting Star House, it’s a nice large store selling average to high quality home products at good prices, & their customer service is v.good”, Sandra El Dera.

Zahran. “Zahran really is the best place to go when buying cooking equipment simply because they have literally everything”, Nariman Lotfi.

Hisar. “They have some unique products for tea and coffee, remember, the Turks are coffee and tea fanatics. And they do have silicon bake-ware which are really useful and fun”, Sherif Tharwat.

Cool ‘n’ Trendy

Kalla. “Some things are just super cute. They are creative and like to mix matching colors which gives the place a really lively atmosphere”, Nour Naguib.

Kare. “if you’re looking for some nice little supplements to refresh your home’s look and feel, then you might like something”, Muhammed Atef.

Reflection. “Reflection is the kind of store that makes you feel like you’re visiting a mini museum, I stopped in to get special lights gift for a friend”, Ghada Essawy.

The Crib. “Very unique modern home accessories that you can’t find anywhere else. They have those statement pieces that are just what you need for your room”, Mariem Fayed.

Homey ‘n’ Lovely

Jar. “It’s perfect place to add a little green to your home .. the cutest and most innovative home decor store specialized in vases and flowers”, Ghada Essawy.

Lightology. “They do have some special pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere with very reasonable prices”, Nivin Ashraf.

Tulipe. “Want a present for a newly wed bride? Go to tulip. Want to have a fancy plate set? Go to tulip. Mothers’ day? Go to tulip!”, MennatAllah Ghoneim.

Lavish ‘n’ Luxurious

Crystal Asfour. “They had a wide range of collection/styles… They do sell jewellery as well and actually have a nice/interesting collection.”, Mahitab Sayed.

Royal Doulton. “An amazing place for elegant home accessories and a great place to make a shower list”, Eman El Koshairy.

Tiffany. “They have a HUGE variety of indoor and outdoor lighting, modern and classic. Their designs are really AWESOME. They are simple and chic”, Salma Mahmoud.

Want to go beyond the gift?

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Don’t forget to coat it all with love!

Image sources in order: IKEA, Electro House, The Crib, Kare, Jar, Reflection, Royal Doulton.

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