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Cafe’s Kids areas will save your outing, no need for a babysitter!

Parents! Do you really want to miss a hangout with friends just because you don’t know where to leave your kids? And wouldn’t you feel more at ease with them  playing around you anyway?

They are not many, but they do exist; the restaurants and cafes keen on putting your family at ease by having play areas so you can enjoy a good meal while keeping an eye on your little ones. Here’s a small list; (please feel free to comment on the article if you know of any others that we might have slipped)


boomers (2)

Capital Grill, New Cairo. They have a nice medium sized outdoor area with the usual playground slides, swings and castles to climb…etc.

Fuddruckers, Dokki and Maadi. Both branches have indoors kids’ area with several games.

Viking, Heliopolis.  They’ve got a small outdoor area – completely shaded with lots of plants around – with a few slides and the likes.

Chili’s, New Cairo, Genena Mall, Mohandessin and Sheikh Zayed branches. Well, we all know their nice big playgrounds.


The MedleyDukes, New Cairo. They’re seating area is mostly outdoor, so the play area is also outside on the side of the cafe. It has a plastic house, slide, tube and a few other things. It’s pretty small though.

The Medley (photo left), Zamalek.  In a nice little indoors corner, they have a small tables and chairs for kids to sit and color. 

Oya Lounge, Mohandessin. One of the cafes thoughtful enough to have a whole big room for kids in the second floor! They have all the playground toys, only indoors.

Coffee Beanery, in Emerald Empire, New Cairo. Another place with a big play area in the upper floor, but only with chairs and tables for arts and crafts + a popcorn machine! You don’t even have to be sitting in the same cafe, could be one of the ones beside it, but you have to pay a small fee.

Sugar spell, Maadi. This place is basically the other way round. It’s sort of a candy store with a play ground and indoor games, as well as an upper floor to hold birthdays. And, they have an area for adults to relax and order food like a normal restaurant. I think it’s a perfect place for a family day of fun!

Sequoia, Zamalek. Now the play area here is not exactly in Sequoia but right beside it when you go down the stairs. It’s a “tree-house” with a few slide and swings around it, but parents are expected to accompany their children as there is no supervision from the place there. Well, it’s better than nothing.

Gosto, Nasr City. The cafe is both indoor and outdoor and a large part of the outdoor is a green floored play area with the usual slides, swings and the likes.

Beano’s, New Cairo. Right before Meeting Point there’s a big Beano’s branch with a large outdoor area, part of which is a nice play area with medium sized plastic toys; the house, slide, see-saw and the rest.

Food Courts and Malls

KiddlesThe Platform, Maadi. Those got Boomers, a huge playground complete with trampolines, ‘castles’ and slides as well as tables for painting and crafts. It’s run by professional nursery owners and serves the entire platform with an hourly fee. (first photo above)

Tivoli, Heliopolis. A small outdoor garden with a trampoline and the usual playground stuff and you pay and hourly fee. They also have the KidsDome booth where they hold many activities and workshops for kids on weekends and special occasions.

Kiddles (photo above), at Downtown Mall and Arkan Plaza. A professional activity center where you can leave your child for several hours, and he/she can find different fun/educational toys, games and activities. Teachers are available of course, for general supervision and assistance with games if needed. 

You can also find kids areas in;

Abou Shakra, Maadi and Dokki.
Andrea, El Haram.
Planet Africa, Heliopolis, Mohandessin and Dokki
Fish Market, New Cairo.
Spectra, Dokki, El Shagara (korniche), 6 October.


Waiting for your reviews on Trustious when you give those places a visit ;)

Image sources in order: Boomers, The Medley, Kiddles.