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Because Working Inside the Office is so Mainstream

We’ve always had this huge balcony outside our office and sometimes went out to enjoy the warm sun in winter with our coffee mugs and soups… (don’t you just miss winter?) :) But we couldn’t stay outside for long because we didn’t have any balcony chairs; and when it came to working, it was a bit difficult coz we had to drag the office chairs outside and they weren’t comfortable without a desk…etc :(

So in April -as part of many efforts to make our office just a little bit more awesome- Yusuf sat down with Salma Osama and sketched out a nice little garden in the balcony. Take a look at those photos to watch the tiny steps of transforming our empty balcony into a little refreshing and relaxing (yes you can be refreshed and relaxed at the same time) work space! IMG_0314

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