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Celebrating 10 thousand Trustians – or just enjoying Pizza?

They told us we’re going out for pizza at this new place called Crust in Maadi (really cool place by the way) to celebrate the fact that…


It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and several people from the team were calling in sick -blame it on weather changes or excessive working hours, as you wish :P- that we ‘almost’ cancelled the outing. But thank God we didn’t…coz we all needed the change :)

It started with Hadeer being too hungry to talk to us that she decided to play some games on her red-hood ipad.


Meanwhile, Islam was also engrossed in his phone for some reason! Oh those techies…*sigh* 

(the reason turned out to be that he was our “secret ninja” mobile app developer -have you seen our NEW android mobile app?! :D)


And then there was Yahia smiling and laughing like he always does – also secretly very hungry… and Nazly playing with the menu impatiently (come’on people, where’s the PIZZA?!)


And Moustafa being very late thinking that he’ll be able to escape paying and giving us scary looks. No Moustafa we’re not afraid of you!!!


Okay, maybe just a little…


Aaaanndd..we’re finally eating! Pizza, pasta, calzone and salads, not to mention mouth watering desserts!! The food was really awesome and quite creative with the ingredients :) Way to go Crust chefs ;)


Finally, the time comes for that groupie/selfie photo of all of us, with Saher as always setting the self-timer on the camera and sprinnnnnting around the table to get himself into the picture on time! (Some adrenaline rush we get then, every single time) :)


Here’s a little thing or two to know about the team; www.trustious.com/team

Oh, and by the time we posted this, the number of Trustians has reached 11,100… HAH! :D

For the Love of Users

We at Trustious have an unspoken motto; Users are the heart and soul of what we do. The very purpose of the app is to make people’s lives easier and their shopping decisions faster and more successful. But more importantly, and in order to fulfill this purpose, we need them to feel at ease with the app itself; we don’t want the Trustious experience to be a burden, or a “necessary evil” :) Which is why we are keen on meeting as many people as we can – whether current users of the app or people who have never laid eyes on it – to get their feedback on their experience with Trustious. This is where her role comes, our brilliant User Experience Engineer; Eman El Koshairy.


Among a bunch of other things she does, Eman meets with current or potential users of Trustious in what we call ‘User Meetings’, in order to get their feedback on the app. How does this meeting go? We’ll let Eman her tell you herself.

“In a one-hour session I get a chance to take our users on a tour around the app and ask him/her to try out different scenarios and observe how they find the experience. Sometimes I ask them questions to get more insights on how they feel dealing with different pages on Trustious”, says Eman.


“Sometimes I also show them some of the in-progress features we’re working on before they are live on the app, and get their feedback on them as well”, Eman adds. “You can’t imagine how much this helps us fine tune our features and designs to be able to give people the most enjoyable experience we can”.

To everyone who has visited Trustious since the day we started, and given us feedback in user meetings or even by email or on Facebook. We want to THANK YOU… Thank you for making Trustious Awesome!


As for the colorful notes on the board, those are little encouraging messages our users write for us before they leave. They mean the world to us :) (by the way, those are just a fraction of the number of users we’ve met since we started, we just started the note collection a little late).

Our work is a never ending process, and we want to meet a thousand and one people before we are able to say “This is Perfect”. So are you willing to come on board and help us make a better Trustious? We would love to meet with you :)

If so, please fill in this form and we’ll contact you for a meeting.