Trustious 1st HQ contest: Are you up to it?

We just wrapped our first HQ contest, one of many come-on-in gatherings we have up our sleeves, and we couldn’t be any happier!

The rules were simple: alphas were to form teams, and post high quality opinions on Trustious throughout the contest time!

The first alpha to arrive was Nour Naguib! She was familiarizing herself with the scenery and making herself comfortable until everyone arrived and got settled in. By then our ninjas (Saher, Sakr, and Mina) were still giving our in-home built score-board app its final touches (a story for a different time!) Omar Maher was setting up the board for the event: writing down triggering questions, a nice hand drawn comic (definitely cute too), general to-knows like twitter hashtag and WiFi settings, and how the scoring system will proceed to work, along with weights of the opinions with against their category and quality (either awesome, good, or okay.)

By the time it was 13:20, 15 trustious alphas were there and we were getting ready to start! Omar Maher came on on stage first and began with a small speech — welcoming the attendees, praising our recent extraordinary alphas Nour, Ehab, Tarek, and Zohdy, gave a sneak peek of what to expect soon including the mobile optimized interface, personalized highlights, among other announcements.

Yusuf Saber came on stage next! He described the technical requirements of the competition so that everyone would be aware of all the shortcuts and tools to eliminate any unfair advantage. Yusuf also described briefly the essence of how the judging process will take place and how that will reflect live on the live score board screen!

The setting was amazing! Four big tables for each team, and an extra two tables for some snacks per team! A table was carefully placed for the judges (Sherif Mikkawi and Saher Neklawy), and another placed for take-home goodies including our first alpha mugs, pins, and lovely stickersfree for all!

And it all started!

Time started ticking, and we had our first awesome opinion in just under 10 minutes from Enas Abousafy for her amazing review of the Yaris 2012 and were awarded a balloon by Sherif! Awesome opinions started pouring in, judges started to judge, and the scoreboard started to shape up!

Competition was starting to get fierce! One minute boys were in the lead and the next girls were back ahead! (Maybe girls were in the lead a bit longer than a minute but let’s keep it at that for everyone’s good.) Prizes were readily waiting for their winners which were……

GIRLS! (Yeah yeah)

Omar came back on stage and gave a closing speech, handed out gifts and talked a little about the importance of why we were gathering — to help people make out their choices, discovering great stuff, and engaging with those they know and trust!

Members of the winning team each got a book of their choice and a yummy box of dessert from LaGormandise/Dixie Cream, alongside a personalized thank you card from Trustious, all wrapped up nicely! :)

It was a wonderful day indeed! Our next HQ contest is on Saturday September 15th! Read more about it here! Interested to participate in the 2nd HQ contest? Everyone is invited! Hurry up and RSVP now!

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