Trustious 2nd HQ Contest: Are you STILL up to it?

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What an amazing day! Our 2nd HQ contest just ended and, like we thought after our 1st HQ contest, we couldn’t be but dazzled with the whole thing! :)

At around 12:30, the alphas started to arrive! By then we were doing the final touches on the setup and making sure everything was in place! The setup was as usual: we set the entire room up, made room for 6 teams (we actually ended up hosting 7 teams), and prepared a large board with the rules, tips & tricks, and some teasers and questions! There were also a set of social heads up; 4SQ venue name, twitter hashtag, and WiFi password.

Each team spot had two tables, around 5 chairs; much like a war battlefield! Teams started to arrive in full by 12:45, taking up a spot and setting their environment up with the aid (if needed) of the Trustious team! All was very friendly and cosy indeed!

By 13:15 our main hall was packed with alpha human beings! It was both insane and amazingly beautiful to watch all these alpha’s interested to take part! Some were even sitting on the floor for the lack of space (we deeply apologize for that, we did not expect that many people to show up). Our judges (and some of the Trustious team) were in the inner rooms getting ready and setting up the judging system. The LCD was also set up to reflect live competition statistics. Snacks and beverages were placed near by in our secondary hall … and as usual, our freebies in the middle of the room for our alphas to pick up at their convenience! After the usual introductory demos and talks from Omar and Yusuf, the challenge was soon to begin!

The contest was outstandingly fierce! Rawan Khalil was our first alpha to score an awesome opinion on The Five People You Meet in Heaven! Mahmoud Sakr (yours truly) gave her the balloon and everyone were profoundly happy and impressed by her striking it so fast! Other awesome opinions  came up shortly afterwards and in close succession. Each awesome opinion featured a celebration and a balloon to the author! Boy, that was a lot of fun! Meanwhile, the competition was getting hotter! Three teams were competing for first place: Finite Automation, Vitrac, and The Typhoon!

Soon it was time for a small break! Alphas gathered around to have a snack and socialize a bit, talk about the competition, university (most of who are GUCians), and work. Soon the truce was came to an end and everyone was back to fight it out!

As the time for the competition came to an end, teams gathered around the live score board and waited in anticipation as the remaining opinions were evaluated by the judges! With every unjudged opinion update it was clear which team were going to make it… and it happened… it was indeed The Typhoon!

Omar gave a few words to congratulate the winners and thank everyone for making this joyful event a reality! The winners then grabbed their goodies and prizes for (which included book best sellers, nice dessert packages from Dixie Cream and a Thank You card from Trustious all superbly wrapped in a nice cute bag). Everyone posed for pictures.


Later that day it was discovered that due to a technical glitch, 160 opinions went un-judged and hence scores were not counted for them! :) Our team quickly identified and solved the issue and the whole 375 opinions in their entirety were re-evaluated and a new winner emerged; this time it was the one and only … Finite Automation!

The (true) winning team were invited over to our HQ the next day and received their gifts.

We had a whopping 21 awesome opinion! You should definitely read and engage with them now! They were about The Last Lecture (Eman El-Koshairy), Richoux (Eman El-Koshairy), Chevrelot Aveo (Omneya Rabie), Droid Razr (Fady Kamal), Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (Ramy Wafa), 1984 (Ahmed Khaled), The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Rawan Khalil), Rocca Razzo (Rawan Khalil), Alter of Eden (Hadeer Younis), Ice Hunt (Hadeer Younis), Shake’N Shape (Rana Ramez), تراب الماس (Salma Mahmoud), Alef (Salma Mahmoud), Octavia A5 (Mohamed Afifi), Hardee’s (Mostafa Abousamra), حكايات ألف يوم ويوم (Aya Mahfouz), العولمة (Omar Aly), جوهر الإسلام (Omar Aly), رهبان الليل (Ahmed Hatem), قصة الإمام محمد بن عبد الوهاب (Ahmed Hatem), and Hyundai Verna (Alaa Montasser)

You can see an aggregate of stats from the competition below!

Contest Results!

It was a great day indeed! Much gratitude to everyone who could make it and those that participated with strong and valuable opinions! A big thank you for our backend team who were working silently in the background making it all happen.

Interested to being an alpha member yourself? Email us at :)

Check out our photo album fro the Contest from Facebook below!

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  1. Awesome indeed .. When will the next contest be? I’d like to be bombarded with the date, and also would like to take a peek on next contest scope! :)

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