Trustious has a Stars team!

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What makes a star?

Knowledge? Effort? Committment? Consistency? Shine?

All of them together? ….. Maybe!

But what we know for sure is that our stars team does have all of those in them. They know what they’re talking about, they try to share their knowledge with others, they are committed, they keep coming back, and they are like no others!

What are we talking about? Let’s start from the beginning Smile

We at Trustious have a dream we want to realize sooner rather than later; it is to create an environment of positiveness and pro-activity where people help each other take faster and easier decisions on products and services and save time, energy and money that could be used more productively.

This great dream can’t come true without great people working on it. Those people aren’t just the team working in Trustious, they are also the community that uses Trustious and help create its content. This community consists of people who are eager to share their knowledge, benefit others in different ways and help make their lives easier. Those people are our friends, our allies, our ambassadors, our Alphas; and we the call a selected few of them; the Stars.


The value Trustious provides to its community increases with the increase of their own reviews; in terms of number and in terms of quality. Some opinions can be too brief, non comprehensive, or highly subjective, and some can be just great! Great opinions are the ones that tell you exactly what you need to know about the item. They are somewhat objective, describe the item in great detail and let you decide on the spot whether you will go try it or stay away from it.

Our stars are the ones who consistently and beautifully write great opinions about – more or less – the same category. They have the same positive spirit of giving and positivity as the Alphas, they are eager to help others through sharing their experiences; but they also have the Stars quality mentioned above. They amaze us with the knowledge they have about a certain category, the effort they make in posting opinions to benefit a lot of people, the consistency with which they keep coming back to us and how they really are unique and different.

We decided to finally put those stars in a league of their own!

We are very proud to announce our first group of Stars;

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Stay tuned for How we picked the Stars and how YOU can be one of them Wink

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