Why should I write a review?

Your-views-on-choosing-your-options-300x199A lot of people ask us; why should we review? Why should I log on to a website – and say my opinion about something I bought or tried? Our humble answer would be that it’s simply a cycle; a cycle of knowledge, experience, and benefit. Many statistics show the importance of reviews and the effect of people’s recommendations on product choices; but we’ll get to that later.

Let’s take Egypt as the live example here – because that’s the place we all care about :) We’ll take two families at random; each with their different needs, interests and preferences.

The Afify’s want to buy a new car. The parents are both working and their son Hassan is in school. They start their hunt as follows:

  • Dad called some of his trusted friends but their suggestions were either over the budget or not fitting his family needs.
  • So he took his wife and visited several car dealers to find what they wanted, which took them a few days, given the constant traffic jam and the time spent at the car agencies. However, they did not trust the sellers, neither in their “promise” of quality, nor in the prices that they set. So they asked Hassan to look for websites that sell cars/used cars.
  • Hassan spent a few days surfing the net, but none of those website said anything about the actual use of the cars; its durability, its convenience…etc.

On the other hand, the Badawy’s want to buy a laptop for their daughter Sarah and a mobile phone for their son Omar, both of which are in college. So they tell the kids to search for what they want and get back to them with the best offer.

  • Sarah asked her friends but found their laptops too sophisticated for her, she wanted something simple, without too many features.
  • Yousef asked his friends but found all the phones to be small in capacity and wouldn’t take all the music he liked to listen to.
  • They both went out to look for the items they wanted in shops and malls; and the options are endless, so the search was long and tiring!

Now can you imagine the amount of wasted “resources”  in these two scenarios?

Afify dad wasted time off work and spent some money trying to get his friends’ opinions over the phone. Then he and his wife both drained their energy, consumed gas for their car and contributed to daily traffic in their search for car dealers. THEN Hassan wasted study time to surf the net for car reviews in Egypt – all in vain.

The Badawy kids also wasted time, money and energy going out to shops and malls to find the right laptop and mobile phone; time they could have spent studying, playing sports or even with family.

Decision-Making (1)

Calling your friends every time you need to buy something or go somewhere is not logical! What is VERY logical though; is that you log on to an online portal from the comfort of your own home or from your mobile; where you find people’s opinions on different products and services in your city. Those opinions would tell you where to find the best, the most reasonably priced, the closest…etc of the product/service you’re looking for. This could range from the most trending books, restaurants, cars, electronics…etc. And the best part is; fellow consumers like you are posting those opinions, so you know they’re genuine and real!

But wouldn’t it be even better if that online portal knew your taste and your preferences and recommended reviews of products to fit you? (stay tuned for the next post; Why Trustious?)

Lastly, imagine if we take these resources; the money, time and energy WASTED on looking for the right things, and put them all in work, study, research, or even some quality time so everyone would be more productive and add value to this country. And now imagine YOU are contributing to this process; the process of turning the page on wasting our lives searching and instead spend it on making this country a better place. How cool would that be!!

What you need to do now is PAY IT FORWARD, Give the cycle its first PUSH and start reviewing :)

Statistics about why you should review: http://blog.trustious.com/?p=605


4 thoughts on “Why should I write a review?”

  1. I loved every single word in this article :) especially the part when you pointed out that when the Afify’s were looking for the car they wasted money , time, gas, effort and contributed in daily traffic. This simplifies the idea that we all contribute in every single thing in our society and we are all the cause of the problem, and by making different choices we can improve the quality of life.

    Thank you for being part of the change.
    Love you Trustious :)

  2. Nouran! Thanks a lot for leaving this comment :))
    We’re glad you like the article and hope we really can make a change in our community!

  3. An article to the point .. Very useful words that have many tips between the lines, and the most important one that should be acknowledged by people is that “its time to act wisely and responsibly towards our community and stop wasting our time, money & efforts in such useless things”. God bless you & I am proud of having you in our country.. Keep it up :)

  4. Nouran! You’re right, it is time for everyone to stop wasting time. Thanks a lot for your nice words :))

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